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Q. What are the new convention dates?

A. July 28-30, 2021. Education sessions will be offered July 28 & 29, and the trade show will be open July 29 and 30.

Q. Where will the convention take place?

A. At the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Las Vegas, NV, in the same space originally reserved for WQA to host an April event.  

Q. What factors led to the postponement decision?

A. A steady increase in COVID-19 cases and continued or increased restrictions on large gatherings and travel were making it less likely we could host a live event April 27-29.  Postponing the event for three months greatly increases the likelihood of having an in-person event, and we believe our members, exhibitors and sponsors would all benefit greatly from being able to gather in person. We are encouraged by news that a COVID-19 vaccine could be available in the U.S. in coming weeks, with the expectation that it could be available for more widespread use in just a few months.

Q. Why was the decision made now instead of later?

A. Deciding now allowed us to better reschedule the event, giving our vendors, exhibitors and presenters plenty of notice of the new dates. An early decision allowed WQA to secure space at the LVCC and our designated hotels. Deciding prior to the final payment deadline for our exhibitors allowed us to extend that deadline and allow options so that exhibitors could make a more informed decision. Because attendee registration had not yet opened, the postponement carries no financial impact to attendees and, in fact, could result in savings on travel and lodging.

Q. How were the new dates chosen?

A. For the period of July through October the LVCC had limited times available as options, including the week of July 5, July 27-30, and September dates that coincided with Labor Day and Rosh Hashanah.  The dates of July 27-30 were clearly the best option, and a further benefit was that it allowed for the same exhibit and meeting space we had reserved in April.

Our host hotel was able to align our room block with those dates with a rate reduction of $50 a day. Other event vendors, such as the exhibition management company, also could accommodate those new dates.

The timing presents no known conflict with most other large events such as Aquatech China, the AWWA or AWT conferences, or state or regional Water Quality Association conferences. The new dates also allow us to continue with plans to hold the 2021 Mid-Year Leadership Conference in the Chicago area in September.

Q. Won’t it be uncomfortably hot in Las Vegas in late July?

A. Although outdoor temperatures in Las Vegas in July typically top 100 degrees F during the day, all of our events are held indoors in comfortably air-conditioned rooms in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hotel rooms, restaurants, casinos, stores and any event venues are kept at comfortable temperatures as well. In addition, WQA will provide transportation in air-conditioned buses from the headquarters hotel to the LVCC.

Q. How are you accommodating 2021 exhibitors?

A. We made the decision ahead of the Dec. 1, 2020, deadline for final booth payment to give exhibitors time to adjust to the new dates. We are giving our exhibitors until Dec. 31 to decide whether they want to:

  • Maintain their reservation for the new dates, with final payment due March 1, 2021
  • Cancel their reservations and receive a full refund of their deposit
  • Defer their deposit to 2022

Q. When will attendee registration open?

A. We expect to open attendee registration in early spring 2021.

Q. Will there be a virtual component to this year’s Convention if I can’t attend the in-person event?

A. We are planning some virtual access to the Convention so that those who cannot travel to Las Vegas will be able to attend some of the scheduled education sessions, events and exhibits online. Only exhibitors already signed up for the live event will be able to exhibit virtually. More information on these options will be available in the spring.

Q. Are you holding the WQA Business Boot Camp during convention?

A. We are holding Boot Camp this year, but the date and location are still being determined. We will announce those plans as soon as we have firmed them up.

Q. Will the WQA annual member business meeting be delayed until July, as well?

A. No, we will conduct the business meeting virtually this spring. The WQA By-laws require us to hold an annual business meeting to elect a board of directors, hear reports and conduct other association business.  The date of the meeting will be announced in early 2021.

Q. What sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2021 Convention?

A. Details on sponsorship opportunities will be available in early spring.

Q. When will WQA Committee and Advisory Council meetings take place?

A. We expect that WQA Committee and Advisory Council meetings will take place online, probably in April, around the time of the virtual annual business meeting.

Q. Will WQRF host a Run for Research 5K in 2021?

A. We will not host a 5K in 2021. Stay tuned for other WQRF fundraising opportunities.

Q. What if I have questions not answered here?

A. We will be updating this FAQ as new information is available.  If you would like answers to other questions, please email WQA at [email protected]  


Download: Convention postponment FAQ.pdf

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